sb3fix - fix corrupted Scratch projects

sb3fix is able to resolve some common problems that can corrupt Scratch projects and make them no longer load. sb3fix is NOT perfect and we can't guarantee it will get your project back, but it's worth a shot. Just input the sb3 file into the input below.

If you use TurboWarp, please first try File > Restore Points to access a previous version of your project.

My file is still broken!

Please get your project to us so we can try to fix it for you. If you have a GitHub account, the easiest way is to open a GitHub issue and attach your sb3 file.


Open source on GitHub:


Files are processed locally on your computer and never sent to any server.

Which errors does this fix?

Some example error messages from TurboWarp that sb3fix addresses:

The best way to see if you're in luck is to just try it.