Unpackager for TurboWarp, forkphorus, and HTMLifier

Select or drop an HTML or zip file generated by TurboWarp Packager, forkphorus packager, or HTMLifier and the unpackager will extract the original Scratch project.


Having access to a packaged version of a project does not necessarily mean that you are legally allowed to unpackage the project, modify it, or redistribute it. We are not lawyers and will not provide legal advice on this matter.

The TurboWarp Packager removes comments and script positions from packaged projects, so you may have to manually clean up the scripts.

HTMLifier converts Scratch 2 projects to Scratch 3, so some information may be lost from those projects.


Report bugs (such as files that couldn't be unpackaged) on GitHub.


Unpackager is open source.


Files are processed locally on your computer and never sent to any server.